Kalyan Chart Introduction

Kalyan Chart Introduction:

Kalyan Matka is a form of Matka gambling that can be defined as a betting game. Since the era of Matka betting reached its peak in Indian history, people have started earning cash bets upon betting and gambling. In the market of Satta Matka, there are three Matka kings who started their own Matka gaming and they are Kalyani Bhagat, Suresh Bhagat, Ratan Khatri. 

Kalyan Chart is established by Kalyani Bhagat and the chart used in his game is named Kalyan Chart. It is based on Mathematics and the number system. 

Kalyan Matka History

Kalyan Matka is established by Kalyani Bhagat in the year 1962. Kalyani Bhagat who is known as the Matka King came as a migrant to Mumbai. His initial profession was to be a spice seller. He managed a grocery shop at that time and the letter pioneered Matka gambling and established himself as a Matka King. Initially, he accepted bets based upon opening and closing rates of traded cotton. Later his son Suresh Bhagat also started propagating the game. 

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Tips For Kalyan Chart

To play the fortune game it is really important to keep a few things in mind. There are various tips and tricks that can help you excel in the game and without the proper knowledge and information you could also end up losing a lot of money in this betting game. There are two things that you must consider regarding the Matka game. First the information concerning the amusement and second the angle that you have towards the game. Keeping these things in mind proceed with the game but do not forget to use our tips to gain more and more while you play.

There are various websites on the internet where you will get an analogous administration. First, you will have to find the simplest one or the best one. Now there are various skills that you need to acquire before proceeding with the game. Build up the technique for the Matka game diversion associate degreed to be an ace of the system. 

However, the Matka game is a game of fortune and luck but there are various tips and tricks that can boost your winning frequency. With the help of the following steps, you will get to write your own destiny. 

Kalyan Matka Jodi Trick Single Matka Calculaton 

## ## ## ## ## 55

91 87 99 40 32 22

55 90 10 63 49 96

80 17 79 51 30 66 

47 09 59 07 84 57


Now, see, 

Saturday 55 (Closing Number)

Friday 32 (Closing Number)

So, 5+2=7-0=7 cut 2 next day open (22)

32 (Closing Number)

63 (Closing Number)

2+3=5-1=4 (49)

3+9=2-2=0 cut 5 = (51)

79 (Closing Number)

09 (Closing Number)

9+9=8-3=5 (59)

09 (Closing Number)

28 (Closing Number)

9+8=7-4 cut. 8 (outcome)

Apart from these there are other steps that you should consider while playing Kalyan Matka.






Same cut would come as an outcome

Single open 8

3 strong numbers for the next day –

51 80 90 41 37 72

Now lets consider 51, so if we plus 5 with 1, we get an outcome of 6. No the next three numbers from 6, that is 7, 8 and 9, these will win next day. 

Similarly, with other numbers, 8 plus 0 is equal to 8 so the next three numbers from 8 will 9, 0 and 1. 

9 plus 0 is equal to 9 so the next three numbers from 9 will 0, 1 and 2. 

4 plus 1is equal to 5 so the next three numbers from 5 will be 6,7 and 8. 

3 plus 7 is equal to 10 so considering the last digit as the outcome we get 0 so the next three numbers from 0 will 1, 2 and 3. 

7 plus 2 is equal to 9 so the next three numbers from 9 will 0, 1 and 2. 

Now below is the detailed introduction of How to pick numbers:

  1. First Set Of Numbers

You can pick any three numbers from number 0 to number 9. Lets suppose that picked 5,3, and 6. Now these randomly picked number would be your first choice. Now lets do the sum of these numbers altogether and we will get 5+3+6= 14. After the final outcome now you will get to choose the one-digit from your sum that is from 14 you either pick 1 or 4. If you picked the last digit from your outcome that is 4 then your first draw will be 5, 3, and 6 x4.

  1. Second Set Of Numbers

After picking the first set of numbers now its time to draw the second set of numbers. It can also be drawn by a player. There is no difference in this procedure, the process is the same as picking your first set of numbers. Again let’s take a random example of 3 numbers. This time lets take 8, 2 and 8. On adding these numbers we get an outcome of 18. Now from this result, the player has to choose the last digit. Choosing 8, will give us our final result as 8,2,8 x8. And this will be our final set of numbers.

  1. Final Card 

After considering both sets of numbers we will get a final card. And it would look like this:

(5, 3, 6 x 4) X (8, 2, 8 x 8)

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